Organic & Specialty Coffee – Freshly Roasted in Nerja, Spain

Nerja Coffee Roasters is a small batch artisanal coffee roasting business located in the beautiful Costa Del Sol. Started by Kerry and Wes when after travelling the whole of Spain they struggled to get a cup of coffee without the burnt flavours. 

What was even harder was to buy freshly roasted coffee in the supermarket. 

Born out of the love for the perfect cup of coffee and the desire to bring the incredible health benefits back into coffee by the perfect roasting, all the while taking into account the environmental aspect of coffee.


At Nerja Coffee Roasters we buy all of our coffee Fairtrade using Spanish distributors. We source our beans seasonally from places such as Africa and South America. We try to keep consistency within our range but we are also focused on organically certified coffees and as specialty coffee is small batch grown it will always have some variation season to season. We are committed to the environment by using paper bags and keeping waste to a minimum.

Falling coffee beans

We always use 100% Arabica coffee as it is much better for our bodies to not overwhelm us with extreme levels of caffeine. We only sell our coffee for 1 week after roasting to ensure that you get the freshest coffee in your home. We do not add any chemicals and we check each batch for contaminants. We assure you that your coffee will have all the health benefits such as antioxidants, vitamins such as B2, B3, B5 Manganese, Potassium and Magnesium. Coffee has shown to protect the brain from Alzhiemers disease, protect the liver and reduce the risk of diabetes. 

We focus on the perfect flavour profile for each coffee and you will be blown away at how coffee can have such incredible natural taste free of additives.

Falling coffee beans

Kerry hosts tastings where she talks about the differences in specialty coffee. We want to clean up and elevate the coffee industry getting back to the origins of how incredibly good coffee can taste.

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