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Green correct tick symbolSmall Batch Hand Roasted

Green correct tick symbolRoasted with Love – No Burning

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3 steps to your freshly roasted coffee

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New Arrival
11,00 38,50 

Tasting notes-Hazelnut, Chocolate. Perfect on its own or with milk.

New Arrival
11,00 38,50 

Tasting notes-Toffee, Vanilla Perfect Solo or with milk.

11,00 38,50 

Tasting notes-Caramel, Strawberry This is a soft coffee great solo or milk makes it nice and subtle.

11,00 38,50 

Tasting notes-Toffee, Blackcurrant Great black solo without milk.

11,50 40,00 

Tasting notes-Caramel,Vanilla Works great with or without milk.


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